The day I broke my daughters heart.

It was yesterday, I don’t even know how it happened. One minute he was fine and then he wasn’t.

Anna has a doll named Petey. Stefan and I both think it’s the creepiest doll we have ever seen, but Anna bless her, loves him to pieces. He comes in the car with us every morning and when I drop her and Christopher to kindy she asks me to look after him for her. He is her baby and she loves him more than her brothers most days.

This morning she left as usual and I carried on with my morning. I looked over and his head had come off. I had somehow managed to decapitate poor Petey.

I spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out if I could fix him. I’m pretty sure it’s not possible.

Plan B was to find a new doll. I scoured 4 different op-shops until I found the perfect one. Meet Petey the second.


She came with 2 different hats and lace up shoes. I was hoping to win her over with the accessories.

I decided to bring the new doll into kindy so she saw her before I told her about Petey. It didn’t go well. She thought I could fix him. It took the entire car ride home to get it across to her that he couldn’t be fixed. There was a lot of crying.

Dad snuck Petey into the bin when he came home so she couldn’t see how badly he was broken. It would have made her even sadder to see him like that.

By the end of the night she seemed to have somewhat accepted the fact and was doing her best to enjoy the new Petey. She even made it into bed with her last night.


I thought we were through the worst of it and then she woke up this morning and asked where Petey was. She had  forgotten he was gone.

She was heartbroken all over again. I think it’s going to take awhile for her to get over this. Her first real loss. Rest in peace Petey, you were very much loved and you will be missed greatly.

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